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Track and Field is one of the most participated sports by students in high school today. It is also one of the most expensive and involved sports on campus. Many volunteers are needed for every home meet, and many expensive items are needed for a successful program. From high jump pits to pole vault poles to workout tools, there is a lot that goes into track and field! Below are some links and information about our fundraising goals.

Wish List

These will be purchased through help with boosters, fundraising, and generous contributions. Certain items are not specific to track & field and can be donated as well. Items needed by the team include:

- Portable Hydration System ($1500 - $2000)
Portable hydration system, can be rolled onto field and used for drinking (since there is no water outlet on field). Can be used at practices or during meets (does get very warm in late spring meets)
- 100ft - 300ft Measuring Tapes (5 @ $10-$40 each)
Used for measuring field events, including discus, shot, long jump and triple jump
- Measurement Standards ($425 - $475 each)
To display marks from field events so spectators can see the measurements
- Pole Vault Poles ($200 - $400 each)
Used by pole vaulters to...pole vault. There are different poles for different athletes
- Pole Vault Standards ($1500 - $3000)
Used to hold pole vault crossbar up
- Pole Vault & High Jump Crossbars ($120.00 each)
This is the pole high jumpers must go over. Sometimes breaks (on our last one)
- Long jump covers ($)
Used to cover sand long jump pits when not being used
- Hurdle boards ($35 each)
White bar that hurdlers go over, sometimes break and can be replaced instead of entire hurdle
- Discus Cage and Platform ($)
- High Jump Shed ($6250)
Need High Jump Shed to cover and prevent people (kids) from jumping all over it
- Pole Vault Pit (~$15000)
NEED new Pole Vault Pit (old one is over 10 years old and on its last legs)


If you are knowledgeable about fundraising and are ready to help a great cause, please contact Coach Quero to help get Foothill Track on the right track!